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Frequently Asked Questions


Take a look at these Q n' A's if you are not able to find something on the site. Chances are, its already been asked, answered, or laughed at.


Q&AQ:Why do you act like everyone is a Noob?
A:Because most of you guys are Noobs. When you are just learning to invest, you are not going to be able to effectively demonstrate the ability to make sound decisions about buying or selling homes. With time you become acclimated and comfortable with your environment and will grow in knowledge and confidence. Until you have some experience behind you, your a Noob. You silly Noob.

Q&AQ:How long does it take to become a member of this website?
A:If you contribute to the site by being involved in the Forums, reading, commenting, and showing overall interest in not being a Noob, you are already one of the Tribe. If you want to be a member of the tribe, create a user account, LOG IN, and start talking!!

Q&AQ:How do you know so much about buying and selling houses and why don't you show proof of what you have done?A:First off. Noobs shouldn't ask silly questions. Second, most of you are probably not smart enough to follow my techniques, so why waste breath on explaining how my skills were attained. But.. If you must know. I have been investing for more than 8 years, have done property management for 5 or so, and I am a licensed realtor, although I primarily only use for my own purchases. If thats not enough to shut you up, leave.

Q&AQ:When is your book going to be out? You keep saying your writing it, but we have not seen anything about it on the site yet.
A:Writing a book is not a quick and easy thing to do. It takes time and I have little of that. Just be glad I even acknowledge your existance. If your lucky, I will let you buy it, Even though you probably won't be able to comprehend it anyways.

Q&AQ:How do I find out more about investing in houses?
A:There are many great ways to learn about investing, but my favorite Guru on the subject happens to be Joht T. Reed. Take a look at his site if you really want to learn from the VERY best. Great information and all of it seems to be valid. We don't use all the same techniques, but he more closely seems to align with my way of thinking than the other crackpots out there.

Q&AQ:What are your favorite games, and why don't you talk more about gaming on the site?
A:I can tell your not so lame, so I will answer your question. I try to mix the site with mostly information that will be beneficial to the people that visit, but I do like to inject my own interests into PwnHomes.com when I feel like it. My favorite games are FPS such as Halo 1,2,3 - COD5, Battlefield 2 and 2142, and Half-Life. Cha-Zing!

Q&AQ:Do you offer private 1 on 1 training or tutoring on how to invest?
A:Yes. But my time is pretty much full of obligations to my investments, this site, and other projects that specifically don't involve YOU. If you pay well, I listen well.

Q&AQ:I don't like your site and I think you are horrible about the way you talk to people. Why don't you give up!
A:Que? No hablo Noobs.

Q&AQ:Can you guarantee that I will make money by listening to you?
A:There is no possible way that I can guarantee you will make money, because I know most of you will buy a great book and never even read it, or you won't apply the strategies described in it. You're just too freakin pathetic. However, if you DO apply the strategies in the guru books properly, I DO guarantee you will make money.

Q&AQ:What are the details of your money-back guarantee?
A:I offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Try my strategies out for up to 60 days. If you aren't successful, I'll tell you that you are in the wrong profession, I'll question your IQ, but I'll also give you a 100% refund.

Q&AQ:How do I get my license to become a realtor?
A:This site is not about realtors. If you want to learn that, gotto realtor.org or something. This site is about laidback, fun-loving people that are investing and learning about real estate.

Q&AQ:If you are so rich and confident in your skills, why don't you teach me for free? I will give you money when your training pays off.
A:First off. I don't run this site to make money. If I did, you would be the first I tell to leave. I want people to have fun and learn to be less anal about life. Investing is a passion of mine and I want to enjoy it and teach others to do the same. If you can't handle that and are just looking for freebies, gotto http://www.freecrapfornoobs.com/ and tell them teh_homepwnerer sent ya!

Q&AQ:I'm outside of the USA. Can I be a part of your Tribe?
A:Oh ya. We love all the Yanks and Easties we can get in the crew! If you like to invest and love some gaming, bring the love.

Q&AQ:Is it really that easy to start investing in real estate? I hear so much about people falling on their butt and with how the economy is, I don't see how it is possible.
A:Listen. Whether it be real estate, stocks, or even gaming - There is risk. The thing that separates the rich from the poor is knowledge and tenacity. If you want to learn from me and apply my techniques, you can be successful. I am not teaching brain surgery here people! Basic techniques with risk management and investigation! Learn, Heed, Succeed! Cha-Zing!

Q&AQ:Can ANYONE make money investing in real estate?
A:No. Idiots can't make money in real estate, neither can Noobs. If you want to make money in real estate, take time and learn what you are doing. It is not a get rich quick scheme and its not successful for everyone. If you do learn my techniques and apply them, you will substantially increase you ability to do well in real estate and most likely WILL be as successful as I am, if not more! It all comes down to the time you put into it.

Q&AQ:I am only 16, can I do the things your site says will help you in real estate?
A:Definitely. You can start at any age and learn about real estate. There are laws requiring a minimum age of 18 to purchase some forms of property, but you can still do wholesaling, bird dogging and many other forms of investing that don't require money or real risk from you.

Q&AQ:Your site really sucks. You are horrible ate running the webpages and duing the blogging?
A:Ya, and you need Hooked on Phonics. I could care less if you like my site and even less if you lose your greencard, Cha-Zing! I built and run this site for entertainment and any money I make from this site goes directly into my gaming and feeding my families face fund, so take a hike if you don't like the site.

Q&AQ:Where do you go to find the houses you invest in and how do you pay for them?
A:This is a long question that can be found on the site. Basically, I have many avenues I use to buy houses. Whether it be auctions, Huds, FSBO's or just trolling the streets for trashed houses. There are many ways to find deals. as far as financing goes - find lenders that can get you cash on command. If its family, wealthy investors, or a line of credit. Always have cash ready BEFORE you look for deals.

Q&AQ:Won't you run out of houses the mortgage company will let you buy?
A:Yes and no. You try to diversify the way you invest. Make sure you have some holding in your personal portfolio from mortgages obtained through lenders, houses that you have paid cash for at discount, and those you finance through owners are some ways to keep the buying alive. Substantiate your purchase with cash flow and this will help you continue to leverage your ability to use banks and lenders.

Q&AQ:What is a HUD and a REO?
A:A HUD home is a home that was financed by the government , foreclosed on and being sold by Housing and Urban Development. A REO is a property that was foreclosed by the bank that holds the lien and is then sold by either that bank or a third party for the bank to recoup its investment.

Q&AQ:Are you you in a Gaming Clan and if so, whats the name of it?
A:I pwn people for fun, but you just have to scan the scene and find me. Heck! If you are one of the first 10 to find me, I may give you a signed copy of my book when it comes out!

Q&AQ:I keep reading that the internet is going to put Realtor out of business, is this true.
A:Honestly, I could care less. I don't user Realtor - not even before I was one. If you want to learn real estate investing, start with learning how to comp. homes without help. That will teach you some great lessons and save you cash.

Q&AQ:I emailed you on two occasions about how to go about starting a real estate business and I have not heard from you. I am seriously trying to learn how to start in my career and need a mentor.
A:Josh - Thanks for asking, but I don't mentor. I do some training, but you have to be really motivated if you want me to help you. I get tire kickers all the time that think they want to learn real estate until I tell them how hard it is and they say "Really?". If you think its all Sugar and Grits, your sadly mistaken!

Q&AQ:Do you have any secrets you can share with me about how you get rich?
A:Ya. Get off your rear and start doing. Read. Read. Read.

Q&AQ:What does Pwn mean?
A:Pwn is what I do to Houses. Pwn is what I do to Noobs in FPS. Pwn is what I will do to any sucker that doesn't appreciate hard work and working hard for what they have. Pwn is ME taking you to the cleaners in a Public Server game of Call Of Duty 4 or 5. Cha-Zing!

Q&AQ:What is your favorite Movie.
A:Any Movie about Gaming or Comic characters. BTW - You Noobs ask some stupid questions sometimes.

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